With a Little Bit of Luck it’s Friday 13th

Happy Friday 13th, y’all! Unlucky for some? The superstition around Friday 13th dates back hundreds of years. Friday was traditionally the day you were executed if you’d been up to no good. And 13? Many think the negativity around the number stems from the Last Supper when 13 people sat round the table. There are also beliefs in Hinduism that it’s unlucky for 13 people to gather together.

Friday 13th - beware?
Friday 13th – beware?

There’s a particular story that happened on Friday 13th October 1307 that may have started the tradition. Basically, the Pope and the King of France sentenced a load of good guys called the Knights Templar to death and executed their leader in a rather horrible way just to make a point. An unlucky day for them indeed…

There are always news stories about increases in accidents and people being more stressed than usual on Friday 13th, but I’m not convinced people really worry about it that much. Still, there is a real-life phobia of Friday 13th called… ready… paraskevidekatriaphobia. Try saying that after a stressful day!


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